The power of the heart

There is a power that overrides everything. It lifts you to push through flintlike layers of rock or a massive darkness in full gale.

This power is beyond everything like an undercurrent that you notice only with a loving eye.

Make yourself fierce: break in.

This is the power of thy heart.

We only have a short time to live in this lifetime and redistribute our force to rise.
Nothing is accidental.
We are not here to merely survive.

You get up one day and realise that you have been preparing all along for this waking, for this moment ~ a naked leap into the delicious opening ethereal wave of love.

And everything confirms you have the power within to do this. And the brightest five pointed star compels you to stand in your power.

Admit that once you have walked towards the edge and then it dawned on you that you can be a lighthouse amidst the time of a great transforming, amidst the world that takes its time to change, despite the urgency that falls on deaf ears but through this you found something profound – the power of the heart.

Deep shifts create room for love thatโ€™s more than ordinary.

Youโ€™ve had enough of being controlled perhaps carrying whatโ€™s been buried for generations and so you hit the highway like a battering ram, on a silver-black phantom bike, you gain momentum and your inner fire burns fast.

Almost unnoticed, the way begins to lead everywhere.

It is a frightening request to make yourself fierce. But I believe you can make it and harbour your story and be the One who never settled for less than the beauty you hear in your favourite music or envision before the sleepwalkers get up without wakening or in the beauty of morning birds singing as they take wing into the sun-rise.

The power of the heart then would mean to ferociously and consciously live its path and to align with the only real invitation we receive from life – love.


Writing by @kamila_lizis

Musings with the bright Morning Star on Saturn/Pluto midpoint. @blueroseastrology #blueroseastrology #venus #redistributionofpower art by Willow Arlenea

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