Stars Sound and Temple Healing Sessions

I am so excited to offer you star sound and energy healing sessions bringing together two modalities that with differing dimensions of the vibrational rhythm that underlies our personal and collective consciousness. These modalities are Astrology, Music and Auset Temple Healing.

From my experience as a professional musician, astrologer and healer, these sessions merge my personal life passions into a unique alchemical and divinatory healing template, which I offer to you in service to healing your soul.


What is Auset temple energy healing?

I have been practicing the Auset Temple Healing Modality for the last 8 years, having been initiated through the full 3 Levels of practice. This healing technique is based on Ancient Egyptian healing methods, which includes the invocation of particular star consciousness’s.


Who is this healing method for?

This method is a highly effective system of healing intention for those with anxieties, stress, childhood trauma, chronic and acute pain, issues of disempowerment or sexual abuse and a myriad of physical and heart and soul-based issues.


What to expect in your session?

This is a highly intuitive and individual process, wherein I will ask you to set intention in advance of our time together. As we begin the session, I will tune into your Light Body by immersing you in sound and chant, also referring to your star code as revealed by your Astrology, which better enables me to hear your resonance and healing points and reveals your deeper energetic undercurrents, elements balance and cosmic consciousness.

I then work on removing blocks and dark knots of anxieties and fear that are in the way of creative expression and free sharing of your light with the world. During this process I will clear low frequency entities, if they exist since they feed on depression and low moods.

During our time together, I become the bridge for the light and frequency invoked, engaging with the various ethereal guides and neteru present, channeling for you their heat and support. I also receive streamed visions and messages for you during our healing time.
These sessions are mostly remote and healing can be received in the comfort of your home and safe to receive also by pregnant women.


After the session
We will chat about the experience and images, sensations and energies that emerged. I will explain where your blockages were/are and what they mean.

You can feel physical and energetic lightness, heat, or be energised right after the session or in the process of integration in the consequent days. The intensity of healing depends on the root of the issue that brings you to me seeking healing.

If you feel called to experience this unique astrology, energy and sound temple healing in a safe and caring manner please reach out to me – I would love to share my offerings with you.


Cost and Booking

A 60 minute healing session is €100

Contact me on 00353 87 116 43 66 or email to book a healing session.


Sa Sekhem Sahu,
In Breath of a Life Force Blessing



A word on stars and neteru

Calling a star by name invites them into presence, the air around us gets dense and Astro magic is deeply felt. I have experienced that invoking stars and neteru is often synonymous. Names and sigils or glyphs are audible and graphic vessels embodying higher frequencies and since ancient
times this has been knowledge used to call upon them directly. This is divination and bridging of otherworldly streams.

Astrology I live and share studied in years of remarkable study and life changing embodiments with the Blue Rose School of Astrology 1 has connected, deepened, and expanded more consciously my affinity with fixed stars. There are specific stars supportive in healing to include Arcturus, Antares, Sirius – Vega axis and Scheat. Their energy emerges for differing reasons depending on the intention of the session and the areas of your light body that I work with. For instance, Scheat for upper chakras and anxieties, Antares for the heart and kundalini energy, Arcturus for third eye as well as the womb and emotional healing.

My sessions will always include immersion in sound based on an ongoing long-term music healing research, practice and joy of sharing astrology and music – what I truly love.


(*1) Blue Rose School of Astrology information –
(*2) Auset Temple Healing modality was originally developed by healer Elisabeth Jensen