Your birth chart is the first step to the discovery of the scripts and patterns that live within you. This can help us get to know your emotions, family patterning, love-scape, partnerships, vocation, aspirations, work, how you present yourself to the world, what your spiritual and ancestral awareness is. We can gauge a deeper and further understanding of your talents, relationship and behavioural patterns and creativity themes reflected in your a specific planetary archetypal complexes existing within your birth chart.

Your chart reveals scripts and patterns extend into your life. You can recognise it through reflecting on your relationship with your inner world as well as those around you, who and what you draw into your life and what events occur within your life-span. Many a times these play out subconsciously and therefore Astrology offers a key to your more conscious growth.

There are so many things we can talk about during our time together! To arrange a consultation, your date, time and place of birth need to be provided.

24-hour cancellation is required.
Sessions can be audio recorded and sent to you upon request.



90 minutes for €110
120 minutes for €130

Locational Astrology sessions are 120 minutes long for €150.

Creative Hive sessions are 90 minutes long for €120.

Consultations are in-person in the South Dublin area. Online sessions are also available via Zoom. The cost of in-person and online consultations is the same.

Loyalty and referral fees are available.





We will open our time with an in-depth understanding of your Birth Chart. Your nativity holds information about your personality, emotions, heart energy, your drive, confidence, skills, family patterns, aspirations, how we approach the world, work and vocation. We can discover the journey you’ve set out on as you’ve incarnated, the patterns that live within different layers of your consciousness and help you access your potential and experience growth.

We will also explore the energetic quality of timeframes that you are currently moving through. This will give you an insight into what cycles have you experienced so far, where you are at, what energetic time can you expect to be moving through in the nearest future. We can then discuss how it manifested so far for you so you can reflect and grow into the future in a more conscious, empowered and inspired manner.



Locational Astrology is a fascinating journey of your relationship to space in time you have incarnated. We will discuss your natal and relocation details in the context of the current weave of time.

Have you been drawn to certain cultures or art from particular parts of the world even though you might have not even visited them in person? We can explore which of your planetary archetypes are accentuated and in what ways across the world. This can give you an understanding of your relationship to space whether embodying energies, drawing them in, being seen in a public eye for certain qualities or feeling familiar in specific areas of the world. We can look at your relocation chart and see what natal qualities gain an extra layer to their manifestation in the place you live, work at or visit.



We focus this session specifically on creative processes within you! With thanks to “Creative Hive” (as developed by Andrew Smith in the Blue Rose School of Astrology) we can consciously explore levels of your creative process from the bliss of vision, through inspiration to the jOy of creation.

Please note this session is suitable for everyone, we are all creative in own unique ways and this technique helps unlock this understanding! If you make music or art of any kind it is incredibly insightful in conscious understanding of the sequence of creativity, helpful in discerning where your creative blocks might be or simply just to discuss where inspiration, vision and insight comes from!



These sessions are designed to gain conscious understanding of our relationship with another. May it be a between two romantic partners, business partners, parent and child, friends or groups, we look at each individual and understand their nativity and then see how they interact with the other/others. For instance, if you and your partner wish to see your relationship with each other through Astrology, we first get to know both of your charts uniqueness, then put them together in synastry (how you communicate and evolve together in the context of the current transits which indicate the energetics of time bringing to forth certain areas of each unique chart) as well as composite (the essence of your relationship as a unit and also in the current weave of time).

Please note this is a double session – giving us enough time to explore the individual nativities first and then seeing your relationship to and with each other.



Sessions available in Dublin in person and online through Skype or Zoom.
To book a session, please contact me by email at liziskamila@gmail.com or by phone at 00353 87 116 4366