In a consulting Astrologer with an intuitive, spiritual and psychological approach to Western Astrology. Find out here what we can unfold together during an Astrological session, whether it is your heart-space, loation, work, vocation, family or ancestral patterns reflected in your planetary archetypal complexes in your Astrological chart.
I'm Kamila, a consulting Astrologer based in Dublin. Astrology to me is a way of life. It teaches us not only about the cycles and patterns but also encourages kindness, compassion and connection to the pure and ever-present lOve that awaits beyond what we are moving through. Click to read how I remembered the Astrologer within me...
As a part of my Astrological practice I embody energies and channel them intuitively through my voice and my art. I write Astrological poetry, I paint and experiment with visual arts. I am currently developing a voice-based healing practice that I will be offering from late 2020/early 2021. Interested in how art can channel Astrology?


Soul grows. Heart yearns for more. Every second our lives transform. The ever-changing wheel of happenings exposes us to timeframes that give us the impetus to grow. Astrology is inside and around us.
We discover it more or less consciously in our interests, the music we love, the poetry or novels we read, in the people we love and even places we live in. Are we all dowsers looking to uncover the well of understanding? I have been studying Astrology under the wing of the wonderful teachers Andrew Smith, Karen Morgan and Katrina Brady of the internationally respected Blue Rose School of Astrology in Dublin, Ireland.
Astrology I practice aims to help people find balance in this ever-evolving discovery of life above and below. I use my mind, heart and my voice to interpret for you what is reflected in the astrological timeframes pushing us to experience life in all its fabrics. I hope we will get to Remember more of your unique fabrics together. With love, Kamila


I had the most incredible astrology session with Kamila Lizis this morning. I learnt so much about myself and everything made so much sense!! It's crazy to see that the things that happen in your life are happening for a reason not just coincidence. It also helped me understand myself more!! I believe when you fully are in sync and believe in yourself you can achieve and get anything you want!

Eva, Dublin

I loved learning more about my astrological birth chart and what is around me at the moment, Kamila has addressed all my questions (though there were many!) including what was calling me to move to Ireland! I absolutely loved discovering the astrology of maps and Kamila made me feel really comfortable and open to chat about my emotions. Thank you, it was a new and very significant experience!

Kate, Dublin


My latest musings and art inspired by Astrology of the times we're moving through.


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