I am a Consulting Astrologer based in Wicklow, Ireland. In my practice I offer astrological insights to help clients live consciously and unfold their unique creative potential. My approach is intuitive within a psycho-spiritual Western Astrology.

An astrology session is a co-creative dialogue about your natal chart revealing your unique resonance and the dynamics that you move through within a certain time. I would like to share astrology with you in a way that I practice and live it - as a continuous path of growth and exploration of the magic that is alive in each moment of our life.

I graduated from the Blue Rose School of Astrology in Ireland and mentorship with Andrew Smith. I combine Astrology with Sound in my offerings and uniquely for each person I work with.

If you feel drawn to book a session with me, get in touch by email: liziskamila@gmail.com or mobile: +353 85 116 4366 to check for availabilities

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Writing and art inspired by astrology and music. You will find these offerings reflecting the poetry of the skies within a certain moment. I hope they resonate with your mood and reflections or perhaps strike an inner chord of your own creativity.

You never lost faith ~ It is not in you to turn away from sacred fire! Leo Full Moon

Undoubtedly, all is possible when you feel this fOrce burning through you. […]

A comet, or a sandy whoosh above and an emerald tear on the face of the sky?

A comet, or a sandy whoosh above and an emerald tear on […]

Don’t go back to sleep. Dream deeper… Venus conjoined Fomalhaut

Don’t go back to sleep. Dream deeper… You know there’s more to […]

Venus enters Pisces in opposition to Regulus

On awakening tune into your heart and ask yourself – am I […]

JUPITER – NEPTUNE conjunction in Pisces

Above us, opening sky. Galactic bell tolls 13 times summoning iridescent light. […]

ANTARES – The Purifying Portal

ANTARES – The Purifying Portal “I am about to die. And that […]