And nothing else matters

This is the day. Turn East to the channel of love. Sometimes you just cannot contain the pulse coursing through your heart in the morning.
There is a purpose.
There is a higher meaning.
For the reignited enormous heart of yours whose be-soul burns and alights!

Just like a white winged dove in the house of eternity, your Muse extends her wings from the centre of brightness.

And you cannot contain how you longed for this easiness of rhythm, to feel purple gold again, to play in growing possibilities of a symphony where everything yet can happen.

Remember the whisper you breathed yourself to sleep with last night.
It is now burning round you like the green eyes of your flame.

And all the angels of this dawning heaven ascend through the sacred landscapes that inspire you the most. They now pull the truth and the courage from the deepest wells of you and push you through a shaft of a speed of light changing emerald, flicker malachite greens into turquoises, seas of shining into blue cardinality outwards and through your vOice and in some sudden opening of thy heart you can now turn to love.

This is the Morning.

Even when the last silence ludicrously falls, you will escape the shadows of your earth with this returning of the Dawn. With excitement you feel a beckoning of an intensity of a true existence you craved to live above all that glitters in the Sun.

You had to see it for yourself – in the changing lights – that your brightness is not your ego but the huge flame harboured in your heart – and you are worthy to be heard among the tallest angels.

They are searching for you.
The angels.
The spheres of music.
The experiences.
The discoveries.
The colour tones of stars.
This is the day.
This is the Morning when you rise with the words from a poet and a voice from a crowd, and a melody, and nothing else matters.


Writing by @kamila_lizis

Streamed from Venus at her maximum brightness in the morning skies and t-square with Jupiter and Zuben Eschamali fixed star. #Venus @blueroseastrology #blueroseastrology #zubeneschamali art credit unknown

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