You never lost faith ~ It is not in you to turn away from sacred fire! Leo Full Moon

Undoubtedly, all is possible when you feel this fOrce burning through you. A shimmering Angel watches your actions and holds up a torch consuming the darkness ~ there is no perfect circle but an infinite spiral from here, for those who dare to experience true heart, as a throbbing tension is the catalyst to express your deeper Light.

Enough it smouldered yearning harboured fed by heart’s unwavering knOwing! ~ You never lost faith ~ It is not in you to turn away from sacred fire!

The rekindled belief in lOve has changed you over the last six months. You can lOve more than fires that fence out the world, whilst darkness anxious to hound you down only amplifies this rising flame.

Have you been asking yourself the right questions? Have you paid attention to spontaneous visions even if they defy logic and flair up familiar fears? There are many levels to inspiration, but what and who utterly and radically combusts the lotus of your sOul ~ allowing unhindered jOy to rise from your innermost creative flair, an otherworldly bliss, prophetic, sacred, ripe, ravenous, resonant, which outgrown all that used to inspire you into the Seventh Wave of awakened higher passion, sOul’s vibration oscillating in your hearth, unconsumed until now, suddenly revealing you as the Creatrix/Creator in the collective vibratory Field??

Look to the Moon swelling in Fixed Fire, her Leonine face reflecting your unique exemplar Star not seeking recognition, nor fame. Remember the quintessence of your Inner Faith and courage WILL be found to explore this fOrce and feel jOy, to transmute shy fantasising into a living Fire that animates a prophetic vision into life.

Believe, and once again believe.

“The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire. Your essence is gold hidden in dust. To reveal its splendour you need to burn in the fire of love.” (Rumi)

Writing inspired by Full Moon in Fixed Fire, Leo, in Manna aspect to Mars, Creative Hive aspects to Venus, Uranus and Neptune and Inner Faith article by Andrew Smith, Blue Rose School of Astrology, Ireland #Mars #Antares #Venus #Uranus #Neptune #Leo #AstrologyIreland #blueroseastrology Kamila Lizis © 2023

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