Venus enters Pisces in opposition to Regulus

On awakening tune into your heart and ask yourself – am I blossoming from my centre? Can I truly hear everything the darling star whispers so my heart allows its chambers to fill up with wisdom and water my thirsty Regal rose to open its petals infinitely inspiring a Dream behind another to serve something wonderful that inspires the world to live creatively and consciously shifting?
The one lasting part of us, when all else comes and goes, the One who hears everything within our most intimate vibration – is our heart – an instrument at our very centre intuiting us to tune beyond our mind, conditioning, fear or inertia and to Watch and to See the purposefulness of our heart’s journey – sometimes mysterious, or unexpected, oftentimes subtle or ethereal but always throbbing to share its profundity uninterrupted by material density that drains us dry and empty diminishing the purest beat of our essence.
One pulse at our centre that serves a passage behind the Sun, a diamond when dark falls, a twin wave that flows, the poetry in e-motion with another, the surge after the plunge, the art of merging the dying with the new, compassion soothing anxieties and grief, an enthralling imagination, a pearl of sacred ecstasy, an all-encompassing grace of your heart’s true path.
There’s something about you so devoted to lOve. Allow yourself to receive and to give and to make waves among the stars, comets and constellations of our skies… endlessly moving, endlessly changing one into the other and back again.
This is Venus entering Mutable Water, Pisces, in opposition to Regulus, the Watcher of the North, in a golden yod with Ceres and Uranus.
Inspired by Venus and Fixed Stars writing by Andrew Smith, Blue Rose School of Astrology, Ireland #Astrology #VenusPisces #Venus #Regulus #FixedStars Kamila Lizis Astrology © 2023

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