Don’t go back to sleep. Dream deeper… Venus conjoined Fomalhaut

Don’t go back to sleep. Dream deeper… You know there’s more to this path. It has pined for YOU. It is rising through you. The One who weaves your dreamlands and timelines. Your light-gate. Your imaginarium. Your in-song.

‘Reality’ bends under the waves of a Star. You start remembering your creative essence beyond and behind your weary horizons. Now, your consciousness bows down, all at once sheer heat blasts you from the West and ethereal hum cools you from the South, a dweomer or magic shivers your heart feverish in readiness and enchanting motion.

You know there is nothing too vast to create, too oceanic, too otherworldly, for your tenderness to compose, to Grow in conscious expression, to en-chant into life.

And perhaps every time you touch a star it seems a piece of what you called ‘reality’ dies – merely so you can remember deeper amidst all that transfigures in front of your ‘opening eye’.

‘The world is not as it seems and this time is affording more people than normal to see an alternative reality, an timeless one, which has always been there for those with their eye open. ’ (Andrew Smith)*

You know you have the courage to look the blazing Star in the timeless pupil dilated to consume all that hushes your heart and overshadows your path.

Time will bend to your Dream.
Creation will unfold.
Your in-song will penetrate your aura.
What is willed will birth in your magic.

This is no ordinary longing. This is ‘at-ONE-ment’* with the vision of your heart, its one true guardian and guide amidst this transmuting ‘reality’.

‘Don’t go back to sleep’ Rumi

Inspired by Venus conjoined Formalhaut, out of bounds Mars opposition to Antares and Fixed Stars writing* by Andrew Smith, Blue Rose School of Astrology, Ireland #fomalhaut #antares #venus #mars #astrology #fixedstars Kamila Lizis Astrology © 2023

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