A comet, or a sandy whoosh above and an emerald tear on the face of the sky?

A comet, or a sandy whoosh above and an emerald tear on the face of the sky? Hold out your heart to the ‘long-haired star’ who harboured dew of 50,000 years bequeathed to him by the frozen cloud and the orbiting celestials he’d pass but never nested with. Soften your consciousness to hear this message before it inevitably fades. Where is this message coming from?

“The region of the night sky is not within the Yellow Star’s path and therefore implies that it carries a message from well beyond our everyday world and concerns. It also means that no zodiacal sign benefits from this message as it descends through Bootes and Draco, two ancient constellations, associated with the awakening of our kundalini and the protection of the sacred masculine.” (Andrew Smith, ‘ZFT’ article on 30 Jan 2023)

Having emerged from the primordial waters, this Messenger calls to tend to the rising lotus of the divine masculine and protecting it from wilting. Like healing Nefertum’s his tear can heal ~ if only we look through the prism of the heart and not overcast by logic thought, or lower vibration needs ~ when we seek the divine light raining amidst the tempest around us ~ when we chose to show up to our pure life force and direct it through the heart to blossom its green petals against the backdrop of the grey rushed world in our brightest shimmer evergreen.

‘Out of the darkness shall ye rise upward,
one with the light
and one with the stars”
(Hermes Trismegistus)

Inspired by ZFT Comet writing by Andrew Smith, and the green Messenger dream, Blue Rose School of Astrology, Ireland #comet #zft #greencomet #astrology Kamila Lizis Astrology © 2023

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