JUPITER – NEPTUNE conjunction in Pisces

Above us, opening sky. Galactic bell tolls 13 times summoning iridescent light. This is a Genesis of a new hOpe. We are but stuff of dreams, one beat made of tears falling into rippling oceans in awe of heavens embracing the horizon. A divine moment drenches your sOul, and all that your heart can bear is this light!
This endless light penetrates you, and for a moment – you forget the world.
Euphorically formless, levitating in the sheer sound of everything, you reach to conceive your Dream.
YES – all is possible if you truly believe and ‘see’ your Spirit climbing a Ladder within to reach without.
“Now the Earth was a formless void, there was darkness over the deep, and God’s spirit hovered over the water. God said “Let there be light” and there was the light.” (The Book of Genesis)
Perhaps your path leads you away from decaying shores and now looks up and out to unchartered seas. You really want to see her – behind those seas raptures all Starlight you can imagine, her deep feminine tone stirs vortex releasing your dreamverse into you.
We profoundly yearn to decongest our consciousness and let cushy attachments and ego die and transcend. We are but all wave co-ebbing tomorrow, a tapestry of compassion and imagination spiralling in universal unity, immersed in pristine vision amplifying your heart to rapture. Trust in the buoyancy of intention when it resonates with your favourite sky.
There is a fundamental note to your being, setting a tone to your future octave. Do not fear chaos, allow waters to be disturbed and resurface the sacred geometry of your path. Your knOwing cannot be diluted!
Accept the infinite lOve that brings spirit into being, that surpasses a dozen expectations, that births you above that which drags you away from your tide.
What will become of you, hungry to see the stars? Opening arms in divine rain?
All that you can imagine.
But you already knOw this.
Because – you are the HEART of this moment.
Inspired by the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Mutable Water #Pisces on 12 April 2022 at 2:43pm BST and “Imagine” webinar by Andrew Smith. Blue Rose School of Astrology, Ireland #jupiterneptune #venus #spica
Art and writing by Kamila Lizis Astrology 2022

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