Venus opens Crown gate

When lOve was found by moonlight she reached her arms out to the growing soul, a major thump filled our skies and our inner worlds lit up from root to crown. It felt as if an ancient gate has opened right above our heads, unlocking a shaft between us and the Universe allowing a purple divine light in.

Traversing inner worlds like islands no more they have met touching each other’s’ lights. Earlier this morning Venus and Moon merged all longings and needs conscious of their co-creation conceiving something unique, beginning something to mould a sacred bounty of their union to unfold for real.

“The call is heard from the heavens
to bid the wings of soul to fly” (Rumi)

Ascending Evening Star caressed the edges of our crescent and the soul comforted the heart Muse that walked on watching us change and part, in hope and belief. And as the dawn released their embrace, and we were released from the dream, something opened beating chest and soul and right above our heads.

With lOve the whole world is at our feet.

I see you wake up
embracing my skies
love garden opens
in all hues of purple
and the moon hums
and the stars rain
under the cover of day
grows our guiding light

Inspired by the Ascending Venus Moon conjunction in Capricorn, Cardinal Earth on morning of 8 November 2021 and #Venus Retrograde webinar by Andrew Smith.

Blue Rose School of Astrology, Ireland #blueroseastrology #Venus #VenusMoon #crowngate #astrology Kamila Lizis 2021.

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