Venus in Vigintile to Pluto

Venus Evening Star hears an echo of shamanka’s drum, a swan song humming of an inevitable doorway opening where a penetrating thump is dying to embrace her intensities. She knows that it is time to spiral in acceptance into the magnetic arms of rhythm, open her petals wide and bright to descend into the heart of heavens.

How compelled is her force to climb back into the womb that re-births life from darkness, sound from silence, that creates a new reality from one that has decayed?

Readiness quivers in her light, it is a long time coming regeneration of the heart.

Magnetically drawing our eyes to the evening skies, is the enchanting Muse, a stellar inspiration holding us in profound changes with her sheer beauty, an alluring sweetness of the flower of life.

Accept the penetrating feeling.
Accept the readiness quivering within.

Time to let go of the ash that traps the phoenix and even the stardust we tried to hold on to – for it naturally billows away on the path of an evolving heart.

Let lOve transform.

“Let yourself be silently drawn
By the strong pull
Of what you really lOve”

Inspired by Venus Evening Star in waning Vigintile to Pluto and Evening Star writing by Andrew Smith.

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