Venus enters Capricorn

LOve brings Spirit into matter. LOve is all that matters. Whatever has shattered in us on days bleeding into nightfall, a stellar light touches our grievings for what might have been taken away from us or made forbidden fruit. This higher heart – an Initiate of the higher sOul – ascends the changing skies, her egoic attachments dissolved, now blissfully shining upon Earth a dream of creating reality of wholeness and bringing Spirit into living flesh. In front of her emerges a landscape shape-shifting and intense, canyons and deep ravines that have been eroding, grounds that lost surety but will become raw and fertile to re-mould, where heart merges with sOurce to birth on as authentic guiding light.

Ahead of Her powerful new beginnings, for she will be blessed from root to crown. Intention envisaged in the sacred heart, what has been helping us breathe since June 2020, has pulled us through so far. Now Evening Star Venus nears a new phase of her cycle compelled to ally the Spirit Heart with the Earth Heart. She is present. She is the bliss of Spiritual initiation. She is the healing resonance. She has been singing in you all along, even when you felt abandoned and crushed or enmeshed with unsurety – she has infused each step ahead cutting through your inner silence and outer dark. She is a blessing to walk away from what obstructs our daybreak, our hope and true lOve.

What reality will you create from the higher heart transforming in the months ahead?

“Hope is with you when you believe
The earth is not a dream but living flesh,
That sight, touch, and hearing do not lie,
That all things you have ever seen here
Are like a garden looked at from a gate.
…Could we but look more clearly and wisely
We might discover somewhere in the garden
A strange new flower and an unnamed star…”
(Czeslaw Milosz)

Venus will be moving through Capricorn until March 6th 2022.

Vision inspired by #Venus ingress into Cardinal Earth in Quadri-Undecile to Ceres, BiNovile to Neptune and Venus Retrograde webinar and writing by Andrew Smith.

Blue Rose School of Astrology, Ireland #BlueRoseAstrology #venusretrograde Kamila Lizis © 2021

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