In the still of the Light, the stream of Spirit has raptured infiniteness of feelings deep blue. The tallest wave melodically lifts your heart that pulsates ready and open for the turning of season, for the sweeping change, and the only thing that matters in this moment is the absolute truth of your heart.
This force crashing over you is an ineffable hunger to reunite with something that is more meaningful than the circumstances that convolute you.
The hope against all odds, the vision in the dawn, your soul’s poem, your invocation received by the harmonics of cosmic consciousness responds opening a channel to healing and a release of the yearning for resonance in heart connection.

At this turning of seasons, we are dropping into a realm of true feeling nature, where heart’s vibration finds affinity with a higher frequency, a higher octave, an intuitive voice. This is an attunement beyond the human doing, where heart receives a primary impulse of a vision symbiotically drawing in unconditional lOve into matter.
Can you feel this lOve trying to manifest through you?

While we are called to break the mould, will you drift through this time merely like a longest day-dream or will you bring this immense yearning for such connection into embodiment?
In the still of the Light, there is also a divine incorporeal force bringing things together, a sOul star undiscovered and unchartered watching summer skies, sounding out, a sharp note stepping up into a Heart-Light that pulls the tide in trusting surrender to bring you home.

for once
dare to flow
wash up those pieces
that already broke
without fear
soul-diving deep
cutting nets
that capture us
in illusions
of the stubborn days
ripple into life
One of a kind.

Inspired by Venus in Tri-Novile to Neptune on the day the Solstice as the Sun Ingresses into Cancer and Creative Hive and Neptune writing by Andrew Smith in Blue Rose School of Astrology, Ireland #Venus #Neptune #IsisHyp #Astrology Kamila Lizis © 2021

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