Truth starts to sip through the cracks in a weary fable. Wide eyed and hopefully wild, more vOices stand up and out and above a silenced crowd.
The Eye of the Earth opens and watches the gradually collapsing mould of reality. Let the membrane of consciousness blow and radically reform, liberating us from facades and illness of mania, offering freedom to follow our instinct and sovereignty of the body and voice.

Wake up, sleepwalker – see this turning point – break out of what you are clinging on to, that keeps you one foot nailed down in the shaking ground, the “tried and tested” inertia dimming your transmuting light. Break away from the paradox of experiment as saviour of normality.
What if we stop resisting and surrender to this radical change in motion?

Truth first spoken out loud in February now clears your throat looking for integrity.

Body and heart instinct and the Deep Yin wisdom awaken in all of us. Remember that we are ONE vibration with the sOul of the Earth and all that surrounds us – we reverberate as ONE in the Universe.

Speak with compassion to those on the fence that peep through the cracks but are numbed with fear or overstimulation.
Borderline is not enough, routine is not enough, neither for the mind nor the heart ravenous to experience what makes us feel alive.
We cannot truly experience life tripping through it shrouded by a shadow, wearing a guise of insecure delusions that stability comes from material comforts, that routine keeps us safe. Our mitosis, the authentic evolution of us and future generations depends on the volume of each sovereign vOice right now – so speak without fear and create a ripple in the world to come.

concede suddenly
what ended
come one look
I will free your heart
touch your shattered body
lift you up
I truly see
all revealed to me
your dormant being
seeing the unseen
so more is revealed
to be

Saturn squares Uranus conjoined with Ceres on 14 June 2021 at 22:00pm BST.

Inspired by today’s #Astrology and “The Chroniclers and the Radical Sage” webinar by Andrew Smith in Blue Rose School of Astrology, Ireland #Astrology #SaturnUranusSquare Kamila Lizis 2021

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