Listen how the lightening seeds drop into heart, fuelling crackling conversations rippling our truth and pushing up and out from under the mute surface.

Here, lOve longs for a towering wave to bend over her and raise her up to reach a higher frequency, fluid and unchartered.

Come crashing over what held heart back from lOve is a tide beyond time, all the while Spirit keeps an Eye open watching our every sound, seeing us share groundbreaking insights.
Meanwhile, Heart pulsates in receptive transformation, already released from the hunger of certainty to know, she now moves more freely through us akin through a music crowd that humms a radiant beat and communicates without words, just follows the sonorous sound, the dialogue of expression, a weave of vibration exposing us raw to each other but real.

We are learning to speak freely, with an open heart, sharing sudden revelations that illuminate our values and call to take charge of our light!

And in all this – lOve, the anti-gravity to the tumbling illness of this storm, lOve that meets our Spirit in a luminous sound, in an experience we invoked into our heart-light long before this storm, now tense but so electric, against the silent grains kept shut in a plastic hourglass, our only hOpe, a reason to sing, in tune with the anticipated sweeping change.

heart’s moment
exposed and swollen
this water is breathing
drawing us forward
sudden and seething
twinning at hearts
pieces of us alone
causing waves to rise

Inspired by the Heart Muse in waxing Squine to 5° Aries Star Point and in Demi-semi Square to the Sun in Octile to Uranus and Venus writing by Andrew Smith in Blue Rose School of Astrology, Ireland #SunUranus #Venus #Cancer #Astrology Kamila Lizis ©2021.

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