Our life is the sky
Now in the brimming shine
Theatre of mind
Arising souls
and each of our thoughts
a golden dust
deeply mined
from heArts ajar

A hurting star
now on the bridge
with all your thoughts
come frequencies
and you CAN live
What you Remember
What you Believe.

Feeling of merging
beyond the hurt,
the doubt,
the guilt,
beyond the squares
where insights burst
our true life force
integral light
in each of us

Omens of lOve
from the fringes
of the unknown
subconcious tinges
only you can find
waiting awake
for your healing mind

It’s starting to show
in your child-like eyes
that Remember
your wholeness
in a rainbow aura
in the loudest burst of colour

#Poetry and painting inspired by #Chiron #Pluto and dynamic conversations in #Astrology of these days.
I am deeply grateful for you taking the time to read what I shared and hopefully taking a piece of it as you journey through your week ahead.

Kamila Lizis Astrology 2020.
#PlutoQuintileChiron #Mercury #Moon #Uranus #Venus #Sun #AstrologyPoetry #AstrologyArt

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