ORIGINAL SEED – as Sun ingresses into Aries at the Equinox

‘Original Seed’ – a story + art for You inspired by #Astrology as Sun ingresses into #CardinalFire ♈️ at the #Equinox

Out in the pre-dawn, away from the empty parks, Gaia gets buds ready to welcome the Light. It shines from afar, guided by twilight, to stand balanced with the Night. A sacred beginning nestles within you. Your • Original Seed • – She is your unique coloured beam of light pushing up. Yes, She might have been constraint, sought room to breathe coughing on dirt, yet – she troved for your cosmic child to be re-born from beneath the surface of this all. And before emerging over-ground, she grew her roots in safety of Mother Earth who knows death and birth better than anyone else. And other seeds watched carefully, pulled by Her vision.

Your cocooned Original Seed has always been here, thus far as you culled the layers and the needing to know. It might have felt like too much, too hurtful, put-upon, too stable to let go of. In this individual experience, the Light awakens. She is your sacred heArt pulsating your magic.

THIS time you held space for the purest of visions, not unscathed whilst baptised by fire, thus now it can truly heat up your eager stem, so behold – it will Ascend with fresh strength.

Can you glimpse to the dawn when we grow in to grow out?? When we balance our stillness with connections in compassion? When we live in balance with Earth?

Here’s a hOpe that more seeds will follow, like flickers joined in a blazing flare that can replenish all that TRULY matters.

Not everything can be done in one day, and such sacred beginning might be the hardest part of the journey, but as you move through it, you grow.

And as life as we knew it has paused, witness truth rooting into your Sacred HeArt.

• THIS is worth waiting for! For this is lOve like no other – Original Seed, Original Light, Original LOve. •

I am just an ember
Keeping the flicker alive
Gazing into our fire
Watching your hurts
purified in your name
wavering in a dancing flame.
When I climb my steps
I knOw
there’s heaven
somewhere, at dawn.
Kamila Lizis #Astrologer 2020. Thank you so much for supporting my writing & art.

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