LOVE WALKS IN – Pluto Trines Venus

LOve walks in
Unlatching our hearts
like little portals
to spilled stars
hovering in harmony
like notes on a staff

LOve walks in
Past-reaching the veils
that hid your hurts
She deeply grows
Into our voids.

LOve walks in
Releasing the hatch
from our under-gates
reaching deep to reveal
If we can only un-see
The doubt
hazing our eyes

Maybe the truth is trembling
In-coming like embryon
Through the cosmic womb
Who can release it into the world
If not lOve?

Speak louder of Her
So we know love is
So we knOw lOve IS

#poem and #art born last night andPOEM
Kamila Lizis 2020 – thank you for pausing to read. #Poetry is just a moment in time but it can grasp the Zeitgeist of what keeps moving through us and around.

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