I TRULY BELIEVE – Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn for the first time in 249 years

• I Truly Believe •
in a cosmic draught
that opens a door
to the tip of your star
like a spindle
our reality
future discovery…

Heart talks
of this frontier
where all grows
wildly out
in hOpe…

“They can’t be
what they can’t believe”
So help them see
this broadening…

• I Truly Believe •
in the naked light
where it all begins
with a true raw heArt
opened by such cosmic draught.

#poem and #art for you inspired by #Astrology as Jupiter and Pluto meet in Cardinal Earth (#Capricorn) for the first time in 249 years. We are all cosmically related, incarnated into times of experiencing the re-distribution of power. What is YOUR story within these days? If dark hurtled in, look beyond the outgrown circumstances now too small to contain this raw creative force and gaze into – your heart of hearts.
She speaks to you of a deeper meaning. Remember to reach out with this strength in compassion to those stuck helplessly. This is a force you inherited in your DNA looking to release your deepest hopes. Can you feel it building up in your chest?

Kamila Lizis Astrology 2020. Deepest thanks for supporting my Astrological musings. x

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