‘FIRE-WALKING’ Art & story of the Aries New Moon

‘FIRE-WALKING’ 🔥 Art & story for You birthed from #Astrology of the ♈️ New Moon.

If you happened upon your earliest diary you kept as a child – what would it read? What days did you envision to make up for your years? Do you remember Your vOice? Was your heart fuller of courage, your belly fuller of fire? That Inner Child, a seed of a resplendent Rose, impatient to try all the elemental states of being – can you re-call? The ‘someday’ vision of a You, suddenly breaks out.

Call on your hurts, keep them close to your heArt. Behind the hand covering your face – the pain you still feel from touching the thorns, that made your skin bleed the blood of your KIN.

The heat of discontentment comes with an opening, aurora in the night, now a crown for your soul made of crimson flora and thorns – honouring humility and atonement, the • KEY• you pick up from the ground in a lucid dream.

The inner child has watched as you went on the bridge alone, and the flickering lights scared you and you turned away hiding your spark? Was that fear truly Yours or was it imposed on you by a culling echo? Now, a hue of a rainbow prism flashes once again. An inner creator is growing with each trusting step whilst the outer is undoing as you walk on not just for you but for those around your. Amid pandemonium of changes, FIRE-WALKING can you look around?

In the Arian Sun & the waxing Moon, Earth unfolds exquisite harmony with arms open, a good Mother out-reaching her branches – broken yet growing fruit to feed us, sharing Her gardens also with those un-learning to pollute Her.. Healing Her children together from growing pains.

Connecting in lOve.

LOve moves, lOve heals, lOve transforms.

Looking from your window
Below, above
The moon seeds for you
a crimson rose.

Dear child,
the torch-bearer of love
forget me not.

Whilst the Moon is New in Cardinal Fire #Aries, an opportunity opens up for a new beginning. Is there a way to re-priortise and re-structure life to manifest in truth and inter-connect our healing experience with forward thinking? Envisage, an evolution.
Kamila Lizis Astrology 2020 • thank you for supporting my writing & art.

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